Preventing burglaries, vandalism, robberies and a long list of other crimes in Castle Hill.

Castle Hill Alarms was established to provide clients in the Castle Hill area of the Hills Shire with some of New South Wales’ most distinguished, effective and professional alarm installation, maintenance and upgrade services.

A division of Pacific Security Technology, one of Australia’s longest-standing and most reputable home securities and commercial alarm specialists, Castle Hill Alarms taps into nearly three decades’ experience to ensure that each and every client not only benefits from all the advantages of having a leading security system installed in their property, but also to give those same clients the peace of mind that their homes and offices will be tended to with the utmost care and attention.

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It is our prerogative to back each professional alarm installation, upgrade or home securities maintenance service with more than just the equipment; we aim to leave the property in question in the same, if not better condition than it was when we arrived. That means clean cuts, smooth boring, no dust and certainly no unsightly wires, holes or other imperfections in your home or office suites when we’re done.

Our technicians, stemming from one of the country’s finest alarm and home securities companies, are trained, qualified and insured under public liability to ensure that every service rendered is approached with the utmost certainty and the technical prowess to guarantee an effective alarm installation, repair, maintenance or upgrade service.

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We always arrive with everything we need to minimise the need for return visits – we understand how frustrating it can be to book a service at your home when you’re busy at work or out and about. That’s why it’s so imperative to us that we’re able to get in and out as quickly as possible, without cutting corners or compromising on the quality of our services.

Let’s take a look at some figures, released by the New South Wales’ Bureau of Statistics, to gain a better idea of the current crime situation in Castle Hill and the surrounding Hills Shire:

Break and enter dwelling481607TBCUp
Break and enter non-dwelling134160TBCUp
Motor vehicle theft183173TBCDown
Steal from motor vehicle613600TBCDown
Steal from dwelling196273TBCUp

We should also take into consideration that there were 662 reports of “Malicious Damage to Property” in 2015 – with figures for 2016 still needing to be released from the Bureau.

If you’d like to see more statistics like this, including those for murder, extortion, harassment and more, then please visit the New South Wales Bureau of Statistic’s website, or simply click here.

While Castle Hill may not be the most crime-affected area in New South Wales, the figures speak for themselves. Installing an effective intruder detection or other leading home or office security system is a sure-fire way to reduce your chances of being burgled and ultimately help you regain your peace of mind.

Give Castle Hill Alarms a call today on 1300 010 467 or drop us a line and we’ll have one of our dedicated technicians guide you through any questions you may have. Should you wish to make a booking, just let us know when best suits you and we’ll have one of our experts stop by for a professional alarm installation, maintenance, repair or upgrade service.